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Intervista Edo RageCage per Shoegazer Fanzine

Qualche settimana fa sono venuto a conoscenza di Shoegazer Fanzine grazie ad Edoardo, attuale cantante dei Rage Cage, dove accennava che dentro vi si poteva trovare un'intervista fatta a lui in merito alla sua ultima band e non solo.
Shoegazer Fanzine nasce a Puerto Rico ed è una fanzine che rispecchia la vecchia tradizione cartacea, composta da 20 pagine assemblate e rilegate a mano ed incentrata sul Ny Hardcore legandolo alla cultura dello streetwear e delle sneakers che le persone indossavano alla fine degli anni 80.
Spinto dalla curiosità mi son fatto recapitare subito una copia poiché limitata a 75 pezzi numerati a mano, e dopo averla letta sono entrato in contatto con Edo e siamo giunti a conclusione di voler dare la possibilità di leggerla anche a chi non è riuscito ad accaparrarsela trascrivendola su questa webzine.

(Foto per gentile concessione di RigaBlood) 

-Salutes amico! How's everything going over Italia?
Edo: Everything's going well, thank you. I'm drinking an espresso under the sun right now!

-How long are you been involved in the Hardcore scene?
Edo: The most specific memory i have of getting into Hardcore is when an old friend of mine was driving me back home from a local music festival. He put on Punk-O-Rama vol.5, with Madball, H2O, Agnostic Front and I was floored. It was 15 years ago. Then I crossed paths with some cool cats from Roma Hardcore and realized that i was connected with that scene and music.

-Educate us on best italian acts and bands people from abroad should check.
Edo: The person who left the best impression on me in the past few years is Damiano from Payback (I urge you to check them out!). Also check out xDa Sectx (from my great friend Tony, he's straight up and no BS guy), and Strength Approach from Roma.

-Rage Cage, The Stallion Stomp Machine, How and when that started?
Edo: I was going through a bad (then) girlfriend just broke up with me, and the day after i took a flight to Milano to be reunited with my best friends (Davide, Daniele and Matteo). Rage Cage was born that night. This is not my first band but most definitely the best!!! Right now we aren't playing as much as we used because we live in 4 different parts of Italia, so when we o it we try to make it count. We keep doing new material for an upcoming EP, to keep it fresh. New material is a little bit heavier, but still sounds the same, some 90's vibes...(a little bit)

-Favorite NYHC live set.

Edo: Breakdown at Tompskins Square Park (New York, 1988). Killing Time's Last Show (CBGB's, 1990). Straight Ahead's Pete's Sake Benefit (CBGB's, 1988).

-Best Hardcore album of all times, the G.O.A.T. according to Edo.
Edo: Cro-Mags ''The Age of Quarrel'', the realist, the most high, the epitome of Hardcore

-Richmond Hardcore, what about that?
Edo: I love Richmond HC, It's just my opinion....When Iron Boots demo dropped, Hardcore was in a transitionary phase. This shit came out and everything made sense to me. This demo is not hard AF but represented the real NYHC revival in 00's. Respect to Victim, Down to Nothing, Friend or Foe, etc...

-Do you consider yourself a sneakerhead
Edo: I'm not a real sneakerhead. You should ask this question to my guitarist, Daniele Pes hahaha

-Favorite Sneakers
Edo: Personally, my faves are: Air Jordan 3 ''True Blue'', Air Max 95 Neon, and Air Huarache Plus. [*Daniele Step in: Air Max Penny 1 black/white/royal, Air Max 2 Trainer '94 green/white, Air Force Max CB OG white purple.]

-Your grail pair
Edo: Air Max 90 Infrared

-Dopest Hardcore merch you own.
Edo: My ''The Age of Quarrel'' LP copy, it's invaluable for me

-Best sneaker to play with Rage Cage?
Edo: Air Jordan 5 white/black/fire-red, and Vans Sk8-Hi.

-How hard is to find nice pairs in your area?
Edo: It's impossible when you live in a small town with only 7,000 population, in the middle of nowhere hahaha

-Stores i should stop if I'm around your area, Roma or other Italian City.
Edo: In Roma...Suede Store and I love Tokyo are the best places to find some cool sneakers (and drool in front of the window hahaha).

-Right after that i want to get some records and eat a nice pizza slice or a traditional dish, where i should go?
Edo: If you wanna buy Hardcore/Punk vinyl in Roma, Hellnation Store is your shit! A true place of international and italian subculture, with a superb selection of books and music, and above all, a warm welcome from a connoisseur. I can assure you that it's pratically impossible to find a bad pizza in Roma, it's good everywhere, but if you are really hungry you should come to visit me in Abruzzo (hahaha), the food lovers paradise.

-Let's talk Diadora. Brand is getting hype in the States after quality and cool collabs and releases. How is Diadora as national brand?
Edo: I honestly don't know much about it, i know Diadora for their excellent football shoes. Checked their new sneakers and them look very nice!

-Next pair on whishlist?
Edo: Air Jordan 11 ''Concords''

-Last Question, Rage cage Records...
Edo: The origins!!!

-Any last words and salutes.
Edo: Shout out to Rat Trax Records and WHMC, Assurd Records, and you for this interview!!!

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